NEW “Cold Open 2018 – Day 2” Results – February 2, 2018 – Hessdorf, Germany

Feb 4, 2018 - by Michael Riba

1. Aziz Adamant vs. Fast Time Moodo (No Contest)

2. Jack Wilder defeated Marc Empire

3. Danylo Orlow defeated “Schizo” Rik Stalwart

4. 4-Way Match
Boris Pain defeated Scott Iron, Maveric Cross, and Steinbolt

-After the break, Aziz Adamant comes out and explains that he was not ready at the beginning of the show and that he now wants to fight his fight against Fast Time Moodo. Then the music of Fast Time Moodo sounds and the fifth match of the evening can start.

5. Aziz Adamant defeated Fast Time Moodo
-Aziz Adamant subsequently stole one of Fast Time Moodo’s gold medals.

6. Balian Bull (w/Dante Kennedy) defeated Yuri Gromov

7. #1 Contender’s (NEW World Heavyweight Championship) Match
Mexx defeated Juvenile X
Before the match, the respective tag team partners, Maveric Cross and TKO, came to the ring, but this resulted in a brawl that could only be stopped by several NEW wrestlers. Finally, the message came from the NEW Office that every wrestler who is not actively in the match has to remove himself from the ring.

8. Team Turbulence (Tommy Tornado and Tommy Torpedo) defeated Georg “Schorschi” Gwärch and Tommy Blue Eyes

9. 4-Way Match
Iestyn Rees defeated TKO, Demolition Davies, and Cyanide

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