Defiant #8 Results – February 2, 2018 – London, England

Feb 4, 2018 - by Michael Riba

-A promo by Martin Kirby kicks off the show. He says he has no match on the show and says he does not care about the feud between IPW and Defiant, but he wants what Austin Aries has. He challenges Aries to a title match. Billy Wood comes out and tells Kirby that he has just lost to Mark Haskins and therefore he has no match today. Kirby refuses to leave the ring and is then attacked by Sharpe and Dunne, he fends them off and follows Wood backstage.

1. Defiant Womens Championship Match – Handicap Match
Kay Lee Ray (c) defeated Veda Scott and Litte Miss Roxxy

2. The Hunter Brothers defeated The South Coast Connection (Ashley Dunn and Kelly Sixx)

3. BT Gunn and “The Iron Man” defeated Joe Coffey and Aussie Open (Kyle Flechter abd Mark Davis) (IPW)

4. Defiant Wrestling World Championship Match
“The Truth “Austin Aries (c) (IPW) defeated Gabriel Kidd

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