Jim Ross loved the Raw 25th anniversary show

Feb 1, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I had a great time. When people read this, they’re going to think, ‘Well, how can J.R. say that he had a great time because of the controversy surrounding the presentation?’ I looked at is as going to a family reunion or class reunion, and you know at your class reunion, you’ve got all kinds of crazy classmates and you love to see them every now and then. That’s kind of how we all – we had a small crew at the Manhattan Center – so everybody got the chance to have plenty of time to visit and see how everyone’s doing and all that good stuff. It was very entertaining and very good for all of us. You just can’t take for granted that you’re going to be there next time. I said on my podcast tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, and it certainly fit true on Monday in New York City. You know, as a broadcaster, I would have loved to call more matches. Of all the things I’ve done in wrestling, broadcasting and doing play-by-play is my favorite. So why wouldn’t I want to do more of what I believe I have the most fun doing? That’s how I looked at it. But it was a great day, you know, we were treated good at the hotel, the stuff us old guys like catering was good, no travel issues. It was a good trip and I was happy to be invited. And it was good to catch up with as many of the guys as I did. I was happy to call – I’m a big fan of Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt, both of those kids, kids to me – and I got to call that match. That was kind of neat. That tag match was kind of short, it was kind of backloaded. The Undertaker’s promo. So, you know, it’s just what it was. It’s no big deal. Some people are hell-bent on finding something to bitch about. I can’t find that, I don’t have that in me. It’s not how I feel. I went there for a different reason than people watching it on television or watching it in the arena. I went to work. And as a worker, so to speak, I’d like to have done more work. That’s all. Chalk it up to ego or whatever, but I would’ve liked to have done more work because it’s the most fun thing I do. And if people can’t get that, then they’re just not paying attention and I can’t help you.”

source: Phillyvoice.com

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