J. J. Dillon Gets Emotional Discussing Ric Flair & the Death of His Son

Jan 31, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Episode 16 of “The Matt Riviera Show” hosted by 3x NWA World Tag Team Champion & Reality TV star, “The LVR Boy” Matt Riviera, is now available exclusively on YouTube!!

Matt’s guest this week is WWE Hall of Famer & host of “The J. J. Dillon Show” on MLWradio.com, J. J. Dillon!!

In this clip, J. J. Dillon gets very emotional talking about preparing to see Ric Flair for the first time since Ric’s recent medical issues and recalls seeing him after his son, Reid Flair, passed away:

Preparing to see Ric Flair for the first time since his recent health scare: “… he had the episode, had the surgery, was in a coma… It was life and death there for a while. To his credit, because he’s so resilient, he walked away from a plane crash when they said he’d never wrestle again… I’ve not seen Ric since the hospital incident… I think to myself, “What am I going to say to him? ”… I remember feeling the same way after the death of his son… Ric’s an emotional person, I’m an emotional person. And I remember when he lost his son, and I went to see him… at a moment like that it’s like, you can’t find the words. And it was just two grown men hugging each other and crying like babies.”

Other topics include:

His Garabage Can Match with Killer Karl Kox: “He (Kox) cuts a promo and has people clean up that arena… He told the women, “When you change your babies crappy diapers…hold your nose and throw it down in that bucket”…. That trash can is now completely full and overflowing… We have the match… I’m over his shoulder… right as we got to the trash can, Kox set me down on my feet, to like scoop slam me into the trash can. I Sunday punched him with brass knuckles, scoop slammed him into the trash can he went. And then I dumped the trash can & everything on top of him, and staggered back to the dressing room.”

Matt and J. J. also discuss breaking in to pro wrestling, J. J.’s Madison Square Garden debut in 1984 against Tito Santana for the WWF Intercontinental Championship, his advice for young people wanting to break in to pro wrestling, learning from Killer Kowalski, his involvement in the upcoming CWA “Wrestle Raise V” event taking place in Hot Springs, AR on May 19th & featuring “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, and much more.

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