Molly Holly on a possible return at the Royal Rumble

Jan 27, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Former WWE Diva Molly Holly made following comments about the rumor of her making a surprise return at the Royal Rumble.

“My friends’ kids were texting me and they’re like, ‘I saw on the internet that you’re gonna be in the Royal Rumble.’ I was like, ‘I am?! Oh my gosh! Where does it say this?'” Holly said. “So I start looking like, is this like some thing that they just forgot to tell me?
“So then, I actually called, because I was like, ‘Am I gonna be?’ So then I called the WWE, and I was like, ‘Is this like a thing?’ And they were like, ‘Oh, fans are predicting who’s gonna be in the Rumble.’ I was like, ‘oh, I’m sorry. I’m like embarrassed.’ I’m just a mark who believes everything that’s on the Internet. But, for a second, I was like ‘Ah crap! I don’t have enough time. I need months to prepare!’ But then it’s not even true, so it was nice enough that the fans cared enough to start a rumor. So, that’s cool.

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