How WWE handled the allegations against Enzo, and his release

Jan 24, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE approached Enzo backstage on Monday when he arrived to Barclays and asked him about the allegations once they learned of them. Enzo denied the allegations were true but he did acknowledge that he knew about the investigation that Phoenix Police launched back in October.

WWE suspended Enzo and sent him home from the Barclays Center over the fact that Enzo was aware of the criminal investigation but failed to notify them.The company was angry with Enzo for not protecting their company. Especially on the day of their 25th anniversary show.

Enzo was fired on Tuesday not because of an internal belief that he’s guilty, but that Enzo failed to notify anyone that he was being investigated.

It was also noted that this was “the last straw” for Enzo after several incidents over the past year and a half.

According PWInsider, WWE had planned for Enzo to face Goldust on RAW 25. This would of led to the Dudley Boyz coming out and throwing Enzo through a table. As seen on Raw Slater was given the honor.

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