Alleged accomplice in Enzo rape case denies it happened, victim speaks out

Jan 23, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

One of the individuals who is implicated as an accomplice to the Enzo Amore alleged rape has lashed out at the alleged victim, Philomena Sheahan, accusing her of lying.

Layla ‘Too Poor’ Shapiro has said that she’s been framed and she’s innocent. “I’m sick of being seen as the bad guy. Lying, manipulating and deceiving people is sick,” she wrote on Twitter.

Sheahan accused Shapiro, Enzo, and the other third person who was with them, Tyler Grosso, of doing meth, cocaine, and weed, and Shapiro said she’s never done meth in her life. “I don’t even know what it looks like and i wouldn’t associate with anyone who does that either.”

Shapiro added that she respects anyone strong enough to speak up about assault…only if it’s true. “Clinging on to famous people and lying about a case for a check is sick and illegal and the truth always come to the light. Put me under a lie detector right now,” ‘Too Poor’ wrote.

Meanwhile, the alleged victim’s story is being called into question when her Twitter timeline showed a lot of activity during the 45 days she said she was in a mental hospital following the alleged rape.

Sheahan responded to the questions by saying that she starting using her roommate’s phone on day 20 and then checked out of the center against medical advice six days later, for a total stay of 26 days rather than 45.

The alleged victim was also called out for a video she uploaded two years ago where she faked a pregnancy. “When I faked the pregnancy, I was off all my medicine. I’ve been on all my medicine for six months, and I haven’t done anything crazy since probably a year ago,” Sheahan told

Sheahan added in the interview with Fightful that she’s been on depression medicine since she was 14 and suffers from anxiety and bipolar disorder. “After the incident, they diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder. They said that it can develop from traumatic incidents and that it’s very possible the incident triggered that,” she said.

According to statistics from a research company with , if you have hypochondriac and hysterical reactions, neuroses, dysphoria, phobia, Valium is taken at the dose of 5-10mg 2-3 times per day.

Regardless of her checkered past and Twitter timeline, Sheahan is standing by her story and wants not only WWE Superstar Enzo Amore, but also Tyler Grosso and Layla Shapiro to get prosecuted for being accomplices to the crime.

The alleged rape occurred on October 19 in Phoenix following a concert which Amore was present for. Amore is friends with both Grosso and Shapiro.

Phoenix Police Department are investigating the case and confirmed responding to a hospital call for sexual assault four days after the alleged incident.

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