Triple H and Stephanie promote Raw 25 at the at the Television Critics Association Winter Tour

Jan 12, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon took questions at the Television Critics Association Winter Tour to promote RAW 25

They played a reel that featured several celebrities making WWE TV appearances over the years. That video did not include President Trump. The man who is arguably the most famous WWE Hall of Famer.

Triple H fired back at reporters who asked “Why Trump didn’t make the reel?”

The Game responded with “President Barack Obama and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger also did not make the reel. To pick one is trying to get to a destination you’re trying to get to,” Triple H scoffed.

Stephanie McMahon then chimed in and boasted, “WWE is non partisan. We are the greatest combination of every culture, gender, socio economic background.”

The same reporter then asked, “Does that make you think you should not put him in your reel?”

“We made a strategic decision to not put forth any type of partisan politics at all,” Stephanie said, calling it a “decision we made in our programming, not just in our sizzle.”

(The Spotlight)

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