Defiant #4 Results – 1/5/18 – Leeds, England

Jan 8, 2018 - by Michael Riba

-Jimmy Havoc, Primate, Joe Coffey, and Marty Kirby call out the IPW invasion guys for a justification. The IPW guys give short statements, then there is a stare down, and then one of the guys lays Primate out with a headbutt.

1. “The Disciple” Liam Slater defeated Gabriel Kidd

2. Triple Threat Match
Xia Brookside defeated “Little” Miss Roxxy and Millie McKenzie

3. Chris Brookes defeated David Starr (w / El Ligero)
-Beatdown from Ligero/Starr after the match until Travis Banks makes the save. Joe Hendry joins in, confirming that Starr is now a member of The Prestige. Joe Coffey is also added, leaving The Prestige encircled. Coffey says he was made interim GM by Stu Bennett so he can do the matches. So he sets up a 6 man tag between all those present for later.

4. Defiant Hardcore Championship Match
Primate (c) defeats “Smash Mouth” Chris Ridgeway (IPW) (W/ Two IPW Guys)
-The ref stops the match immediately after Primate locks in a choke, which angers the IPW guys.

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