Billy Graham speculates on Daniel Bryan’s future

Jan 7, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“Superstar” Billy Graham via Facebook:

Daniel Bryan’s Future

Hello fans, Now this is a bizarre one but I believe every word Meltzer has ever written about the pro wrestling biz. He has been doing it for a good 30 + years. In the photo below, we see
one of, if not the nicest young man to ever wrestle for and work
for the WWE. According to Dave Meltzer, ” the A J Styles/Daniel
Bryan announcement of the handicap match seems like it could
be the beginning of a heel turn for Bryan. If WWE feels as if Bryan will be leaving the company later this year, it would probably increase the chance of them turning him heel. Not only would it somewhat hurt his mainstream appeal and value, but minimize him taking any WWE fans to the indie scene or another promotion. The thinking is that if he leaves as a heel, less fans will be inclined to follow him wherever he chooses to go. ”

Fans, we all know Bryan wants to get back in that ring and wrestle again. But Vince’s doctors wont clear him. Please look at
his photo below, how much damage could this nice young man do to Vince McMahon ???? Now, I believe this report by Meltzer and it just proves again to me how selfish Vince can be. What harm would Daniel Bryan really do to the WWE if he hits the indies ?? Damn, Vince, you got a billion dollars in your pocket and you don’t want this kid to make a dime on his own ?

I got to get some help from you good fans on this one please !!!

Superstar Billy Graham

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