Jericho details phone call to Vince McMahon to let him know about NJPW involvement

Jan 4, 2018 - by Colin Vassallo

In his latest Talk with Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho revealed how he broke the news to Vince McMahon that he would be wrestling for a rival promotion and how he asked for permission first before accepting the deal.

Jericho said that the phone call he was waiting from McMahon felt like it was coming from his dad after wrecking his car or something similar and he was “shitting his pants.” He explained how he told Vince that NJPW called him and wanted to wrestle “this guy called Kenny Omega, a really great performer” at the Tokyo Dome on January 4.

“You have to do it. Absolutely,” Jericho quoted McMahon. McMahon continued, “This is great for you. It’s great for me.” McMahon told Jericho that everyone knows that Chris is a WWE guy and that he would be somewhat flying the WWE flag in Japan.

A relieved Jericho told Vince that going to NJPW to wrestle Omega would put him on a different level when he eventually makes his next WWE return, to which McMahon replied with, “Absolutely.“

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