Former WWE Ring Announcer Confirms Ring Boy Pedophile Rumors

Jan 4, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

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Episode 13 of “The Matt Riviera Show” hosted by 3x NWA World Tag Team Champion & Reality TV star, “The LVR Boy” Matt Riviera, is now available exclusively on YouTube!!

Matt’s guest this week is legendary ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta.

In this clip, Gary addresses the infamous WWE ring boy pedophilia scandal, and his knowledge of events that occurred while he worked for the WWE from 1974-1985:

On the WWE Ring Boy Pedophile Scandal: “I’m very well aware of it. I knew of it, of you know, some of the goings on when I was there… Yeah, there would be some bright eyed, young, like high school age kid who might want to get into wrestling someday and be fed information that, “Oh, why don’t you join the ring crew, hang out with us, and yeah that happened.””

Other topics include:

Dr. George Zahorian & the WWE Steroid Trial: “Dr. George, he just wanted to be buddies with everybody. And I do remember going to the tapings, and Dr. George would show up with a box with many small, white bags that, each one had vials in them. And the guys would line up, and pick up their vials… These guys lived all over the country. So, what was the chance that a doctor in Hamburg, PA was going to be prescribing medication for people who lived in San Antonio, TX, Tampa, FL, Seattle, WA.”

His Twitter war of words with Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks & wrestling fans over his comments about a spot during ROH’s Final Battle 2017: “I was not disparaging any individual, I was disparaging 25 seconds of a match… I was talking about pro wrestling & trying to keep it true to it’s roots. Because I don’t want pro wrestling to be like Ringling Bros., where all of a sudden it disappears. We don’t have a circus anymore, because we had a leader in the circus world that wanted to be an ice show, that wanted to be a magic show, that wanted to be a drama, that didn’t want to be a circus.”

Matt and Gary also discuss Gorilla Monsoon breaking Gary into pro wrestling, the power struggle between Monsoon & Vince McMahon, working for Verne Gange, Jim Herd signing him to a contract for WCW, working for “Cowboy” Bill Watts, Gary’s work as a Spanish language teacher and much more!!

Episode 13 of “The Matt Riviera Show” can be viewed my clicking here:

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