Elias loves the creative freedom he has on Raw

Jan 2, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

“I have no complaints. As far as Monday Night Raw goes, I am given an incredible amount of freedom with who I am, what I do with the ring, what i do with the guitar, what I say in my promos and I know I don’t take that for granted one second. I swear I showed up to Monday Night Raw, and the kind of stuff I do on Monday Night Raw I didn’t do at NXT, but what I do on Monday Night Raw I would do on the live events all year. Introduce myself, share a little story, sing a song about the town, or whatever is going through my head. It’s almost like they took my live event stuff and let’s put it on TV, which is exactly what I do. The same thing you see me do on TV I do some kind of version of that I switch it up depending on what I am feeling that night. I like it, and hoping that I am on an upward progression and doing what I can to work my way up.”

source: The Steve Austin Show

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