1/2/18 WWE 205 Live Recap: TJP/Tozawa; Alexander/Goldust vs. Gulak/Daivari Main Event

Jan 2, 2018 - by Michael Riba

205 Live opens up with a recap of last night’s Raw, where Drew Gulak and Ariya teamed up to face Cedric Alexander and Goldust, which was won by the latter. We then see the 205 Live opening video and go into the arena where Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show. We see that Hideo Itami and Gentleman Jack Gallagher will go one-on-one later tonight, as well as Goldust and Cedric Alexander teaming up against Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak.

Match 1: Singles Match – Akira Tozawa vs. TJP
TJP backs Tozawa into the corner and they lock up. Tozawa applies a waist-lock, but TJP backs him into the corner. TJP pie-faces Tozawa and then runs into the ropes. Tozawa applies a wrist-lock and then slams TJP down to the mat. Tozawa connects with a right hand and then stomps away on TJP in the corner. Tozawa kicks TJP in the chest and connects with a quick senton. TJP rolls to the floor and Tozawa goes for a suicide dive, but TJP counters with a kick to the shoulder. TJP slams Tozawa into the barricade and then slams him shoulder-first into the ring apron. TJP tosses Tozawa back into the ring and drops a knee onto his shoulder. TJP beats down Tozawa on the mat and stomps down onto his arm. TJP slams Tozawa down to the mat and then works over his shoulder some more.
Tozawa fights back, but TJP takes him right back down and delivers right hands and then works over his arm again. TJP stomps down on Tozawa and then slams him into the turnbuckles. TJP wraps Tozawa’s arm around the ropes and pushes Tozawa into the corner while pulling on his arm. TJP slams Tozawa down onto his arm and goes for the cover, but Tozawa kicks out at two. TJP continues to work over Tozawa’s arm and then applies a modified rear naked choke. TJP then switches into a modified surfboard submission and Tozawa fights to his feet.
Tozawa delivers a few elbow shots, but TJP drops him to the mat. TJP goes for the cover, but Tozawa kicks out at two. TJP goes back to the arm work, but Tozawa fights to his feet again. Tozawa kicks TJP in the face and both men are down on the mat. Tozawa kicks TJP in the midsection and takes him down with a side suplex but TJP gets on the apron. Tozawa knocks him down to the floor and takes him out with a suicide dive. Tozawa tosses TJP back into the ring and goes for the cover, but TJP kicks out at two.
TJP comes back with a kick to the arm, but Tozawa comes back with a whirlwind kick. Tozawa goes up top for the senton, but TJP goes to the apron. TJP thumbs Tozawa in the eye and slams him into the ring post. TJP grabs Tozawa and delivers the Detonation Kick and gets the pin fall.
Winner: TJP.

We see Cedric Alexander backstage and Goldust walks up. Goldust says they have a lot to accomplish tonight as partners and Alexander says he is excited to have Goldust as his partner. Alexander asks Goldust if he realizes he is over 205 pounds and Goldust asks shocked. Goldust says he is here because Alexander is his friend and when his friend needs help, he sees the whole thing through. Goldust says Alexander is a rising star and he is here to help him on his quest for gold. Goldust compares them to Thelma an Louise and Turner and Hooch.

Match 2 – Singles Match: Gentleman Jack Gallagher vs. Hideo Itami
Gallagher tries to attack Itami with the umbrella, but Itami ducks and takes Gallagher down in the corner. Itami backs away and charges, but Gallagher nails him with the umbrella. A lead pipe falls out of the umbrella and he beats Itami down with the lead pipe. Gallagher stomps away on Itami and hits him one last time with the pipe before the referees rush the ring and make Gallagher leave.
Match Result: No Contest.

We join Dasha Fuentes backstage and she welcomes Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak. Daivari says they asked for the rematch tonight because they weren’t ready for Goldust last night. Gulak says they suffered and injustice on Raw last night. Goldust comes up and interrupts their interview and yells in their face. Gulak yells back and Goldust tells him that his breath stinks.

Match 3 – Tag Team Match: Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak vs. Cedric Alexander and Goldust
Alexander and Daivari start the match. Alexander backs Daivari into the corner, but Daivari comes back with a waist-lock. Alexander turns it into a wrist-lock, but then Daivari applies one of his own. Daivari slams Alexander down to the mat, but ALexander comes back with a dropkick. Alexander goes for the cover, but Daivari kicks out at one. Alexander applies a shoulder bar down on the mat and tags in Goldust. Daivari gets away and tags in Gulak, but Goldust drops Gulak with an arm drag. Goldust does his mannerisms and Gulak freaks out and tags Daivari back in. Daivari sends Goldust off the ropes, but Goldust drops him with a shoulder block. Goldust calls for timeout after running the ropes and Daivari kicks him in the midsection.
Gulak tags in and he clubs Goldust across the back and applies a modifies arm bar. Goldust knocks Daivari off the apron, but Gulak keeps control and Daivari comes right back and tags in. Daivari and Gulak slam Goldust to the mat and Daivari goes for the cover, but Goldust kicks out at two. Goldust fights back and tags in Alexander, who drops Daivari with a few clotheslines. Alexander sends Daivari into the corner and then kicks him in the face. Alexander elbows Gulak in the face and Daivari slams Alexander down onto the top turnbuckle hard. Daivari tags in Gulak, who comes in and stomps down on Alexander and knocks Goldust to the floor. Gulak takes Alexander to the corner and stomps him down and tags in Daivari.
Daivari applies a rear chin lock and then tosses Alexander to the floor. Daivari slams Alexander into the ring steps and then tosses him back into the ring. Daivari goes for the cover, but Alexander kicks out at two. Daivari applies the rear chin lock again, but Alexander counters with a jaw-breaker. Alexander connects with a back elbow and then the Neuralizer. Gulak and Goldust tag in and Goldust drops Gulak with a few clotheslines. Goldust delivers a bulldog and then sends Daivari to the floor. Goldust delivers a few shots to Gulak and then takes him down with a power slam. Goldust delivers one to Daivari as well and then goes up top. He jumps from the bottom rope and takes both Gulak and Daivari down. Alexnader tags in and he takes Gulak down with a clothesline. Gulak and Daivari get sent to the floor and Alexander takes them both out with a suicide dive.
Alexander tosses Gulak back into the ring and delivers the Lumbar Check and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Cedric Alexander and Goldust.

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