12/26/17 WWE 205 Live Recap: Itami vs. Gallagher, Nese vs. Tozawa; Ali/Alexander vs. Daivari/Gulak Main Event

Dec 26, 2017 - by Michael Riba

205 Live opens up with a recap of the ongoing feud between Cedric Alexander and Enzo Amore. We see Drew Gulak backstage and Alexander walks up. Alexander asks if he is waiting on his boss to call him, and Gulak asks why Sasha Banks would be calling him. Gulak tells Alexander to not worry so much about Amore tonight, because he should be worried about Gulak and Daivari. Alexander tells Gulak how much better 205 Live would be without Amore and especially how good it would be for Gulak. Alexander walks away and Gulak looks confused.

We see the 205 Live opening video and then head into the Allstate Arena where Nigel McGuinness and Vic Joseph welcome us to the show. We see that Akira Tozawa will go one-on-one with Tony Nese tonight, and that tonight’s main event will be Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali going against Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak.

Match #1 – Singles Match: Hideo Itami vs. Gentleman Jack Gallagher
Gallagher backs Itami into the ropes and then slaps him across the face. Itami slaps Gallagher in return and then delivers a few knee strikes. Itami sends Gallagher down to the mat and delivers a few kicks to the chest. Itami drops a knee across Gallagher’s face and then kicks him in the side of the head. Gallagher comes back and drops Itami to the mat, but Itami kicks him to the apron of the ring. Itami delivers a leg drop from the top, but Gallagher rolls to the floor. Gallagher trips up Itami and then puts his head inside the ring apron. Gallagher stomps away on Itami and then wrenches his neck down on the mat. Itami fights to his feet, but Gallagher sends him into the corner and delivers a few European uppercuts. Gallagher tosses Itami down to the mat and goes for the cover, but Itami kicks out at two.
Gallagher goes back to the neck wrench, but Itami counters into a roll up and gets a two count. Itami takes Gallagher down with a dragon screw leg-whip and then suplexes Gallagher down to the mat. Gallagher comes back with an elbow shot and charges in the corner, but Itami counters with a kick to the face. Itami drapes Gallagher over the top rope and then connects with a clothesline from the top. Itami goes for the cover, but Gallagher kicks out at two. Itami connects with a spinning back fist, but Gallagher drapes him over the top rope. Gallagher takes Itami to the mat and locks in the Captain’s Hook submission. Itami makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Itami comes back and takes Gallagher down with a suplex and then delivers two right hands. Itami connects with the hesitation dropkick in the corner and then locks in the Rings of Saturn submission and Gallagher taps out.
Winner: Hideo Itami.

We take a look at some of the dissension in the ranks of the Zo Train from the past few weeks. \We had backstage with Dasha Fuentes and Tony Nese. Nese says the next time he sees Amore, Daivari, or Gulak, part of him wants to lay them out, but part of him also understands that Amore is a global superstar and the money, fame, and his career has only gone up since he joined the Zo Train. Akira Tozawa walks up. He asks Nese if he is on or off the train. Nese decks him and walks away without answering.

Match #2 – Singles Match: Tony Nese vs. Akira Tozawa
Tozawa goes after Nese, but Nese beats him down to the mat. Tozawa fights back and connects with a right jab. Tozawa kicks Nese in the chest and connects with a quick senton. Nese rolls to the floor and Tozawa goes for the suicide dive, but Nese catches him with a kick to the side of the head. Nese slams Tozawa down on the floor and then tosses him back into the ring. Nese goes for the cover, but Tozawa kicks out at two. Nese slams Tozawz to the mat again and goes for another cover, but Tozawa kicks out again. Nese wrenches the neck of Tozawa, but Tozawa makes it to the bottom rope to break the hold. Tozawa begins fighting back, but Nese slams him into the corner. Nese goes for the cover, but Tozawa kicks out at two.
Nese applies a full body scissors submission down on the mat and connects with a few left hand shots. Nese stomps away on Tozawa and goes for a suplex, but Tozawa counters with a suplex of his own. Nese goes to the apron, but Tozawa knocks him to the floor. Tozawa connects with the suicide dive now and tosses Nese back into the ring. Tozawa goes for the cover, but Nese kicks out at two. Nese comes back and slams Tozawa to the mat again and goes for the cover, but Tozawa kicks out at two. Tozawa comes back with right hands and chops, but Nese counters with a forearm shot. Tozawa connects with one of his own, but Nese comes back with a series of kicks. Tozawa comes back with a kick of his own and then goes up top. Nese cuts him off with an uppercut and then delivers the Running Nese in the corner and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Tony Nese.

We take a look back at Raw last night to revisit the budding romance between Enzo Amore and Nia Jax. We see that tonight’s main event is up next.

We see that Enzo Amore will defend the WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Cedric Alexander on next week’s Raw.

Match #3 – Tag Team Match: Ariya Daivari and Drew Gulak vs. Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali
Ali and Daivari start the match. Daivari backs Ali into the corner and delivers a chop. Daivari delivers a few right hands, but Ali comes back with an arm drag and then applies a modified shoulder bar down on the mat. Daivari gets to his feet and backs Ali into the corner and tags in Gulak. Gulak backs Ali against the ropes and charges at him, but Ali counters with a back body drop. Alexander tags in and takes Gulak down to the mat. Alexander goes for a cover, but Gulak quickly kicks out. Gulak comes back with an arm wrench and a wrist lock, but Alexander sends him off the ropes and delivers another back drop. Ali tags back in and he stomps down onto Gulak’s shoulder.
Ali delivers a chop to Gulak and kicks him in the chest. Daivari distracts Ali and Gulak takes him down from behind. Daivari tags in and stomps Ali down to the mat. Daivari goes for the cover, but Ali kicks out at two. Daivari wrenches the neck of Ali, but Ali fights to his feet and goes for the tag, but Daivari stops him. Daivari drops Ali with a spine-buster and goes for the cover, but Ali kicks out at two. Daivari slams Ali into the corner and tags in Gulak. They try to suplex Ali, but he lands in his feet and tags in Alexander. Alexander delivers a double clothesline and sends Daivari to the floor. Alexander takes Gulak down and goes to run the ropes, but Daivari trips him up.
Daivari tags back in and then goes to the floor to slam Alexander into the announce table. Daivari tosses Alexander back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Alexander kicks out at two. Gulak tags back in and stomps down onto Alexander. Gulak goes for the cover, but Alexander kicks out at two. Gulak delivers a chop to Alexander and then tosses him to the floor. Daivari goes after him, but the referee stops him. Alexander drives a shoulder into Gulak and takes him out with a springboard flat liner and both men are down. Daivari tags in, as does Ali. Ali drops Daivari with forearm shots and then a dropkick. Ali takes Daivari out on the floor with a suicide dive. Ali tosses Daivari back into the ring and delivers a face-buster. Ali goes for the cover, but Gulak breaks it up.
Gulak knocks Alexander to the floor and Daivari kicks Ali in the back. Daivari puts Ali up top and goes for a suplex, but Gulak tells him to get down. Alexander delivers the Lumbar Check to Gulak and Ali knocks Daivari to the mat. Ali hits the 0-5-4 and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander.
After the match, Daivari and Gulak argue as they walk up the ramp and Ali and Alexander celebrate in the ring as the show comes to a close.

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