Sasha Banks on the Pressure of being a women’s wrestler in WWE

Dec 21, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Sasha Banks was the latest guest on “The Steve Austin Show Unleashed” podcast. Among other things, she talked about when she realized she was over with the NXT crowd and talks about the pressure of being a women’s wrestler in WWE

When she realized she was over with the NXT Crowd: “I did notice a difference when I was wrestling…I had a match against Emma and they were chanting “ratchet” and I thought they were saying ‘rat shit’ and it was really the first chant I ever got at NXT because before that I got nothing…the following month they kept chanting and chanting and I’m like, ‘this is cool! This is wrestling! Yay!'”

Pressure of being a women’s wrestler in WWE: “It was much harder when we were doing both RAW and SmackDown. I feel like now that the brands split, you kind of know who has the spot right now and I recently learned that you’re not always going to be number one, and especially with the women’s division. We’re so small. It’s going to cycle and you’re going to have the opportunity to be number one again and go back down. It’s legit like a ferris wheel. And it’s not even a matter of like who is going to be number one. It’s who’s the champion right now? And right now, it’s Alexa Bliss, she’s number one. And whoever she’s in a storyline with, that’s how it is. That’s all they really right for, is that championship match. Hopefully we get some tag team championships coming up so we have more of a story right now. But with Paige and the new girls right now, it’s not as much about the championship and I’m very interested to know where we’re going next. I have no idea.”

(The Spotlight)

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