Graham on Rousey: “Does HHH and Stephanie realize how GREEN this woman is and will be?”

Dec 21, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Superstar” Billy Graham via Facebook:

One Night Stand

In the photo below, we see Ronda Rousey looking her best.
Honestly fans, it truly is amazing what a pro hairstyle,
air brush make-up done by a pro, and new designer clothes
will do for a woman, or a man. Got to be PC here folks. Well,
the clouded picture of Ronda Rousey’s involvement with
the WWE has been put into better focus by my friend Dave Meltzer.

However, he still does not have all the answers but he sure sounds close. The following is what I read from Dave yesterday:

The first ever all women’s WWE Royal Rumble will be on Jan. 28, 2018, as most of you fans already know. Dave has Ronda baby as the last surprise entrant to hit the ring, then win the Royal Rumble, giving her a shot at the women’s WWE title at mania 34. He feels Asuka is being groomed to be her opponent as she has been winning her matches with the armbar.

Asuka, will eventually beat Alexia Bless to set up the armbar vs armbar against RR in the WWE Women’s Championship match at mania, which Ronda baby will win of course. Meltzer says none of this is official yet but, RR has been continuing to train at the Performance Center.

Well, I have read she is off making a blockbuster movie titled, “Mile 22”, sounds like a killer movie. Also, that neither her “Team of Representatives ” or the WWE will confirm that they have even discussed a potential contract. May I just ask my facebook fans what the big deal is all about over this ” One Hit Wonder “?

Does HHH and Stephanie realize how GREEN this woman is and will be? To put this loser, her last UFC fight she got knocked out in 48 seconds of the first round, in there with a highly polished worker like Asuka is a joke. Unless RR goes over with an armbar in 30 seconds and makes Asuka tap.

Please, someone out there anywhere in the world help me out with this one ???

Oh yes, anyone out there ever hear Ronda baby cut a promo?? You don’t want to fans.

Superstar Billy Graham

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