Jericho sends a message to Tetsuya Naito regarding the Main Event of Wrestle Kingdom 12

Dec 20, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“If you want to see Chris Jericho wrestle, the Tokyo Dome is where you’re going to see me. If you watch one show next year that’s the one to watch. I could go back to WWE, I love working for Vince McMahon, but I am not slotted for the main event of Wrestlemania. I am in the main event of Wrestle Kingdom.”

“I’m not the one calling this a Double Main Event, it’s New Japan calling it that. I’d say it’s a smart move to bring myself Chris Jericho in and to make Alpha vs Omega a Double Main Event. If Naito doesn’t like then tough luck that’s pro wrestling.”

“Naito don’t worry about what I’m doing, just worry about yourself. You’re going on last, but that doesn’t mean you’re the main event, see Wrestlemania 18 if you want to know more about that. It’s like when people bitch and complain about The Rock or Brock Lesnar main eventing when they are part timers. They’re draws and that’s all that matters.”

“If Naito is pissed off at me, then go out and prove it. It just makes me want to work harder. I’m just telling the facts more people are talking about my match. Alpha vs Omega is the main event”

(The 434 Club)

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