Paige discusses her suspension and break up with El Patron

Dec 11, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE Superstar Paige appeared on the Lilian Garcia podcast Chasing Glory and discussed her Wellness Program violation as well as her break-up from Alberto El Patron. Garcia read out a tweet that Paige wrote after she was suspended for the second time, blaming somebody else for her mistake while her family covered for her as well. When pressed for the real story, Paige admitted that she was suspended for doing illegal drugs and did not anticipate that WWE would reply publicly to a story on the New York Post outing her for doing drugs. Paige said that she thought of herself as a role model and did not want to ruin her image by saying that she was busted for that. Paige is on two strikes already, and one more problem will lead to her pink slip from WWE. Another touchy subject discussed was her relationship with former WWE and Impact champion Alberto El Patron. Paige, for the first time publicly, said that she is no longer with El Patron, saying that both of them had different career paths and they were not going to intersect. Paige said she has one focus, to fix herself, while El Patron wanted to focus on his family. The former NXT and Divas champion said she was welcomed by Vince and Stephanie McMahon upon her return, who welcomed her back “home.”

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