Video: After picking up the win, Triple H shows Mahal respect by dancing with him

Dec 9, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo


WWE fans in India got quite the match between Triple H and Jinder Mahal today, a match which Triple H won after delivering two Pedigrees.

After the match, Triple H told the New Delhi crowd that India is in good hands with Jinder Mahal and Mahal then vowed to return as the WWE champion next time. But the fun did not stop there as the post-match antics were as entertaining as the match.

The Singh brothers started dancing the traditional Bhangra in the middle of the ring together, and along with Mahal they tried to get Triple H to join them. It took quite a bit of convincing to do but the crowd ate it up. Eventually, Triple H agreed and first danced the Bhangra with Mahal, then with the Singh brothers one by one. It did not turn out to be a good dance for Samir though as just before they finished, Triple H transitioned from the Bhangra to the Pedigree for another pop from the crowd.

Triple H also wrestled in Abu Dhabi against Roman Reigns last night and lost his match after a spear.

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