Matt Hardy’s gimmick to be branded as Woken and not Broken

Dec 4, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

The new Matt Hardy gimmick based on his Broken character in Impact Wrestling will be called Woken.

Hardy played the character during the weekend non-televised live events and WWE even posted a video of Hardy from Salt Lake City writing that he appears to “be more #woken than ever!”

The former champ said that the Great War will be fought in Anaheim tonight and his mind has fully woken. “I shall DELETE the wicked & CONSUME whatever emotions are EMITTED. I AM MAGIC,” Hardy tweeted.

The reason that it is now Woken and not Broken it’s because WWE always wants to own its intellectual property. While Hardy will be playing off his Broken gimmick, WWE cannot trademark that as it’s property of Matt Hardy now that Anthem has given up on the trademark.

Marketing the gimmick as Woken will allow them to sell merchandise using that term and if the situation comes again where Hardy has to leave WWE, he can resume his character under the Broken trademark.

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