Graham: “The WWE is dead”

Nov 30, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Superstar” Billy Graham via Facebook:


“Dave Drason Burzynski – The thing that disgusts me most are guys like Reigns, Lesnar and others who are considered champions, carrying their “strap” over their shoulder but never wear the belt around their waists. It’s called a “belt” for some reason. It’s meant to be worn around your waist, not carried around like a sack of groceries. Do they walk the streets the same way, with no belt in their jeans but carrying it over their shoulder. That would look pretty stupid, the same way it looks when they come to the ring in the same manner. You never saw Bruno, Flair, Rogers, or SBG flinging their championship belt around like an unwanted toy. They had respect for their title and even more respect for the sport we still call wrestling. I say wear it or pass it on to someone who truly cares.”

This adult response above by my friend Dave, tells it like it is. Dave was a manager and close personal friend of the original Sheik in Detroit.

The impending death of the WWE is linked directly to the death of the territories.

Look at my good friend Randy Orton. He has now been with
the WWE going on 15 years !!!! A great run…… But, his time
and influence is running out despite his good health and excellent in-ring working and mic skills. I was watching Bray
Wyatt on Monday night Raw putting the hurt on Matt Hardy. Bray has been with the WWE a good 3 – 4 years already ?
Same old cryptic promos, zero heat. The cruiserweights…..
OMG.. 150 pounders flying around the ring, zero heat, people
texting in the crowd during their match. The stupidity of Kurt Angle’s son’s gimmick, god, give me a break. I have had a lethal dose of the WWE and need some shelter from the storm.

In the territory days main event boys would be brought in and fed to the champ. Always had fresh guys coming in, then out. Now you have guys and females coming in from NXT. Thank God HHH has that Developmental Center. But these guys will take years to be main material, if at all.

In this great photo below a fan posted of me working my first WWWF title defense in MSG, you have a man fans believed in.
I pinned Gorilla. Then came Putski, Dusty, the High Chief Peter Maivia, and the list went on and on plus I was only champ for just 10/ 11 months?

No one to bring in now, the death of pro wrestling as we knew it is upon us.

Superstar Billy Graham

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