Reby Hardy and Senor Benjamin answer the “delete” calls

Nov 29, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Reby Hardy, the wife of Matt Hardy, went “delete” crazy on Twitter last night after the segment with her husband and Bray Wyatt aired. Matt, who seemed to have suffered the first stage of “broken,” started “deleting” and his wife did the same…on Twitter with animated GIFs. After posting several GIFs of delete, Reby wrote, “Now it gets fun.” Ruby has been involved in some nasty Twitter wars with Ed Nordholm and Jeff Jarrett over the whole broken gimmick and was very vocal in her dislike for both individuals. Reby even threatened to release some embarrassing tweets that Jeff Jarrett, who was still working for Impact at the time, had sent to her while he was drunk. Meanwhile, Señor Benjamin, also got woken on Twitter. After two months of inactivity, he tweeted, “Me llamaron?” which translates to “You called me?” Señor Benjamin is the father of Reby Hardy. Reby claimed in the past that her dad was never paid a cent and was never given a contract for all the work he did for Impact Wrestling during the broken storyline.

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