Graham on Roman Reigns: “Zero Charisma”

Nov 29, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE hall of famer “Superstar” Billy Graham posted on his Facebook page:

Zero Charisma

In the photo below, taken at last nights RAW, we see Roman Reigns looking totally bored with what is going on in the ring. This again is not a personal attack on the man, because for 1 thing I have never met this man and most likely never will, just simply my professional opinion. But this is the man that Vince has chosen to be the FACE of the WWE. And nothing will ever change Vince’s mind. You fans are stuck with this very uninspiring performer.

Now, 2 wrap up my thoughts on HH making a comeback at age 64, and counting, to the WWE in any capacity. # 1, he can’t be a manager because he is only capable of talking about and putting himself over. I know firsthand how difficult it is making the turn from wrestler to manager when Vince put me with Don Muraco. But with Muraco at least I had a guy who was big and muscular so I could put him over basically like I put myself over. But there is NO ONE for HH to manage that looks like that now. Finn Balor? Not even close.

Hogan can’t be an announcer because he says ” BROTHER ” too much and it would drive Vince crazy like he said I did at my SummerSlam, co-commentating with Monsoon. As far as Hulk going out the way he has, being stripped of his WWE Hall of Fame title and everything else, you fans must remember that Vince is NOT sentimental !!! He does not give a sh*t about the boys, just what he can gain from them.

Also and finally, I just read today that AJ Styles said he would like to retire in 2 years from now. AJ is a tremendous talent in the ring but dead on the stick. So AJ is 42 now and wants to retire at 44, so where does that leave Hogan wanting to
make a comeback at age 64 ??? Not going to happen folks, it’s insane for Hogan to even consider it. Case closed.

Superstar Billy Graham

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