Billy Graham on Hulk Hogan: “Too Much Baggage”

Nov 28, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Superstar” Billy Graham via Facebook:

Too Much Baggage

Hey fans. thanks so much for your great responses on my Hulk Hogan post. Hogan seems to always bring out the hate and love in everyone. These are my personal thoughts on Hulk
returning to the WWE. Honest thoughts and the photo below is
not meant to be a slam on Hulk. I would look worse if a shot of me was taken coming out of the ocean now at age 74. The point being is the Hulk Man is now 64 years old. Do all you supporters of Hogan really believe Vince wants a 64 year old man sitting ringside commentating, or worse in the ring working? Of course not.

And remember folks, its not our decision to make, it is the big boss of all bosses, Mr Vince. Now, I don’t believe for 1 minute Hulk meant any harm while using the ” N ” word over and over in a private conversation, but our culture has even gotten worse since Hulk uttered that taboo word. We now have ” Black Lives Matter ” a radical group advocating for the legal rights of the African American community. Disrespecting the American flag and our national anthem by black pro football players.
It’s a mess out there folks and Hogan would only add to that heat which the WWE does not want. Plus, I ask this question, “Why does Hulk want to return to the WWE? ” He scored 30 plus million from the Gawker lawsuit settlement deal. That is a ton of money folks, you really want to go back to the biz with that kind of $ in your pocket? I have no horse in this race as Hulk and I have buried the hatchet and are friends now. Vince is not interested in old men, even though many of you and Hulk may not consider 64 years of age to be old, but it is. It won’t happen Hulk, just stay in the surf at Clearwater Beach, Fl. and work on your tan my brother.

Now to the in-depth response by Greg Smith and yes I read all of my responses. Good advice Greg on your arm wrestling theory that being a bodybuilder does not mean you will be a good arm wrestler, I know this for a fact. When I was bouncer
in a big nightclub right before I became a wrestler I arm wrestled a lot of guys. Most much smaller and some who had never lifted a weight in their life. They were very difficult to beat because of tendon strength, just to name one physical asset. I also see that you want Hogan to return to the WWE. Greg, would you consider yourself to be a mark for Hogan? Nothing wrong with that as I am a mark for Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. But do you really believe Hogan at 64 should return to the WWE in any capacity? Another thing I noticed in your remarks in that you said Hogan, even today, could kick Hannibal’s ass. I must disagree because I know what Hannibal can do and in fact believe that he could have kicked Hogan’s ass even in Hulk’s prime. It wouldn’t even be close. Anyone else have any thoughts on a shoot between Hannibal and Hogan?

Superstar Billy Graham

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