Nia Jax says she is body-shamed at work by fellow women Superstars

Nov 26, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Nia Jax uploaded an Instagram post with a video running on a treadmill along with a message suggesting that she is body-shamed at work for being a big girl by her fellow WWE women Superstars.

“In this line of work and with the world of social media, I am subjected to body shaming & it’s something I have accepted,” Jax wrote. “It sucks when you get it in your own backyard around people you’re changing in front of and trust with your body.”

The comment is certainly not good PR for WWE, which runs the Be A STAR campaign for anti-bullying. Having one of your talent speaking out like that in public is certainly a cause for concern and it will be interesting to see if WWE reacts or acts on the comment.

“I am a HEALTHY bigger woman, I LOVE MY BODY. Body shaming is WRONG! I hope every person struggling with their body WHATEVER shape or size you are, do not allow someone to shame their perfectly beautiful body,” Jax added.

The former NXT star took a few weeks of leave of absence and only returned before the Survivor Series. Rumors were spreading around that she had quit the company but her real-life best friend Alexa Bliss put cold water on those rumors saying that Jax needed some time to recharge her batteries.

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