Former WWE Wrestler & Heel Commentator The Duke Of Dorchester Pete Doherty Reminisces

Nov 23, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck


Former WWE Wrestler & Heel Commentator Duke Of Dorchester Pete Doherty joined the Duke Loves Rasslin Podcast(1o:25 Mark) to reminisce about his 20+ year career.

On Whitey Bulger(12:09 Mark):
One time I said, and this is a true story, I said “Hey Whitey; I’m wrestling in Boston Garden. I’ll give you a couple of tickets right up front.” He says “Duke; I don’t need them. I can go there any time and I don’t pay anything!”

On Giving Andre The Giant A Ride(14:56 Mark):
I started with a 1971 LTD Convertible. The promoter asked me “Hey would you pick up Andre The Giant from the Airport?” I said “Sure”. So I pick up Andre and his buddy Frank Romo, another 300 pounder. They’re both sitting on the right side of the car, Andre is in the front with his head sticking up. I put the top down. So the car is starting to go down and tilt to the right. We finally get to the arena and they get out and my car still had that tilt. Am I covered under warranty?

The Difference between Vince Sr. & Vince Jr.(17:41 Mark):
I got along good with both of them. Vince McMahon Sr., what a gentleman. Real Class Act. He never raised his voice or anything. But Vince McMahon Jr; you piss him off.. He will scream at you. But then he’d settle down and everything would become copacetic. You like them fancy words baby?

Transition from Wrestler to Commentator (24:16 Mark):
Vince Jr liked that Boston accent. He says “I want you to do ringside announcing alongside Gorilla Monsoon. We were doing that and really getting over real good. Then stupid me said “I’m getting tired of doing the announcing.” See; this is when you mistakes in life. Should have made a better decision than I did. I went back to wrestling; bad move. After a while I decided I’m going to give up wrestling. I was with WWWF and WWF for Twenty Years!

Listen to the entire interview to hear more from Pete about beating Haku at the Boston Garden, what made WWF hire security for live events and Pete leaves a special message for all of the fans!

*Comment From Duke: The beauty of this interview is Pete is scheduled to have a major surgery on December 7th and has been iin challenging health as of late. The fact that he made himself available and was so spirited during this interview is a testament to his dedication to the fans.*

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