Dates and locations for 2018 WWE PPV Events

Nov 22, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

WWE PPV list for 2018, their respective brands, date and location:

Royal Rumble (2): January 28 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Elimination Chamber (Raw): February 25 at Las Vegas, Nevada

Fast Lane (SD): March 11 at Columbus, Ohio

Wrestlemania 34 (2): April 8 at Nueva Orleans, Louisiana

Backlash (Raw): May 6 at Newark, New Jersey

Payback (SD): May 27 at Baltimore, Maryland

Money in the Bank (2): June 17 at Chicago, Illinois

Battleground(Raw): July 15 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

SummerSlam (2): August 19 at Brooklyn, New York

Extreme Rules (Raw): September 16 at San Antonio, Texas

Hell in a Cell (SD): September 30 at Nashville, Tennessee

TLC (Raw): October 21 at Boston, Massachusetts

Survivor Series (2): November 18 at Los Ángeles, California

Clash of Champions (SD): December 18 at San José California

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