Big Vito vents on the Kamala situation

Nov 22, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Big Vito via Facebook: Good evening. I gotta vent and I don’t care who shares it or who is a stooge. I want you to repeat this. James Harris, aka, Kamala. Is very ill and lost his legs. When he needed a wheelchair, Koko B Ware made sure he got one. After he asked for help from a certain company. The answer, No. Koko has been to see him . But now you can see him on the Network. The feature story. Yes, I am so mad at this. Stick up for your rights. Defend your fellow Wrestlers and have a say in your life. Don’t let people take advantage of you. They will make some money when people are down. As you can see. This is the part of the business I hate, but the reason I fight. Did you know he is on the Lawsuit ? Digest this guys, I hope you’ll understand. No union, no health benefits, no retirement, no royalties from the network. A big no for a business you commit to. Have a plan B guys, because plan A doesn’t work on your behalf. To all out there, learn from this. Free lesson.

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