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Nov 19, 2017 - by staff

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Basic match, not mcuh of a crowd in the building at this poimt, so not much crowd reaction.  Matt did a side effect on the apron while Elias worked on his left shoulder most of the way.  Elias threw his shoulder into the post and hit drift away for the pin.


Not much to this.  The crowd was still quiet except for the interview by Enzo.  Kalisto did a few standard cool moves but the finish saw Enzo pull Kalisto into the side of the turnbuckle and hit exposed metal, and then Enzo used the Jawdunzo for the pin.


Owens and Zayn did a heel interview with Owens talking about winning the IC and Universal titles in Houston  but those were his moments, not the fans’ moments.  Breeze & Fandango came out and complained about Owens & Zayn having smelly facial hair.  Not much to this match either.  Fandango made the hot tag, but missed a legdrop off the top rope and Owens pinned him with the pop up power bomb.

The New Day came for an interview.  He said about Tuesday that it took Raw three weeks to steal our idea and not do it as well as we did.  They were pushing themselves as “your boys” trying to get over as the faces.  They said they’d be together while by the time WrestleMania comes The Shield will be turning on each other.


Good match.  Crowd liked it.  The crowd didn’t really choose between the sides except at times Reigns was booed, but at times he wasn’t, such as when he hit the spear on Kingston right before the finish.  The finish was a triple team power bomb with Reigns power bombing Kingston off the middle rope for the pin.  There was a Shield power bomb teaser earlier but Big E saved.  The New Day teased a double-team midnight hour as E had Rollins & Ambrose both up.and Kingston & Woods came off but Reigns saved with a spear.

Stephanie gave a pep talk to the Raw women.  She wanted Asuka to break every bone in Lynch’s body.  Stephanie in her heels looked huge next to the wreslters who looked much smaller except for Nia Jax.


This match ranged at times was really good (Banks vs. Natalya, Asuka vs. Natalya) to really bad (Fox vs. Naomi).  It came down to Asuka vs. Natalya & Tamina.  Tamina missed a splash off the top and Asuka beat her with a flying armbar submission.  Asuka used a double chicken wing into the Asuka lock for the submission on Natalya for the win.  The eliminations were Bayley pinning Becky Lynch with a schoolboy.  Tamina pinned Bayley with a superkick by Carmella and Tamina did a splash off the top on bayley.  Jax was counted out after Tamina superkicked her on the floor and did a cross body off the ring steps.  Naomi pinned Fox although she was supposed to win by submission but the ref counted to three early.  Banks beat Noami with the bank statement.  Asuka kicked Carmella in the face for the pin.  Natalya eliminated Banks with the sharpshooter, leaving Asuka vs. Tamina & Natalya..

Stephanie and Daniel Bryan argued over who was going to win with men’s match with Raw up 2-0.  Stephanie said that when Shane is incapacitated, then Bryan can run Smackdown all by himself.  They showed Bryan thinking about it.    


Corbin was pretty much the babyface at the end given both Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas got inolved.  Corbin blew a kiss at Maryse.  Match was fine, with Corbin laying out Dallas with the End of Days .  Miz kicked his knee and hit the DDT for a near fall.  But Corbin came back and hit the End of Days to win the match clean.

Renee Young pushed this as the first win for Smackdown.  Corbin said to Miz my hand went up and your mouth went closed 

Bayley helped a guy pick out a ring and he proposed to his girlfriend inside the WWE ring.

Charly Caruso interviewed Paul Heyman.  He said AJ is phenomenal but he’s going to regret beating Jinder Mahal and winning the title because he’s stepping in he ring with Brock Lesnar.


Very good match.  The finish saw a double superkick on Cesaro, then on Sheamus, which they did call a superkick party, when Jimmy hit a tope on Cesaro while tagging Jey and Jey pinned Cesaro after a splash off the top rope.  The Usos worked as the faces and mostly sold.  The coolest spot was Jey giving Sheamus a Samoan drop while off the Doomsday device position.  

They are pushing that it’s now tied 2-2 beween Raw and Smackdown.  

Jason Jordan interview.  He was booed of course.  He feels terrible that he may never get the chance to compete with his dad.  He said he’s 100 pecent healed and 100 percent behind his teammates, but he hopes HHH gets eliminated but that Raw wins. 


Charlotte won with the figure eight after a big foot that didn’t hit just right.  The match wasn’t smooth, The crowd was into it.  Charlotte missed a moonsault and Bliss did twisted bliss but Charlotte got her knees up.  They gave them a lot of time to build the match.  


This was different from everything on the show in the sense it felt like a fight rather than a performance.  Lesnar threw him around and launched him into orbit with some of the throws.  Styles did an awesome comeback including a phenomenal forearm over the top rope to the floor, another off the steps and another in the ring.  He went for a second phenomenal forearm but Lesnar caught him in the F-5 for the pin.  They aren’t letting anyone kick out of the F-5 till Mania.  Lesnar was limping badly when it was over which was storyline from the calf crusher.  The crowd went nuts when Styles did the calf crusher but Lesnar broke it by slamming his head over and over on the mat.

We actually have 70 minutes left right now and one match left,.


Raw won the match with HHH and Strowman as the final two.  The match ended when Angle had the ankle lock on Shane, and held it for a long time.  HHH then saved Shane by giving Angle a pedigree and put Shane on top.  HHH then acted like he was siding with Shane, but then he turned on Shane and gave him a pedigree for the pin.  Strowman  grabbed HHH by the throat after the match and told him if he ever does that again, he’ll finish him.  HHH tried pedigree on Strowman, but Strowman blocked it and laid him out with a powerlsam.  Strowman gave HHH a second powerslam and left..  So the show ended with Strowman as the star.  The match was a big disappointment.  It started out real good but then got flat and the place was pretty much dead with confusion at the end.  The eliminations were:

Strowman pinned Shinsuke Nakamura with a powerslam.

Strowman pinned Bobby Roode with a powerslam.

John Cena pinned Samoa Joe after the Attitude Adjustment.

Randy Orton pinned Finn Balor with the RKOI.

Strowman pinned Orton with a powerslam.

This left HHH & Strowman & Angle with Shane.

The only interference was Owens and Zayn coming out to attack Shane.  Shane came back with chair shots to the back of both and Orton gave Owens an RKO.  


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