“To say that he had a great run for acting like a buffoon would be a big understatement”

Nov 15, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“Superstar” Billy Graham via Facebook:

Aerosmith on Flair

Well, with absolutely nothing more to say about Survivor Series, let me get to a few other pressing subjects. Meltzer said today that Ellsworth is officially out of the WWE. They will not renew his contract. To say that he had a great run for acting like a buffoon would be a big understatement. But, the guy made some money and now will hit the indys, good for him.

I must admit that I have made some stupid statements throughout my career that did not get over very well at all. BUT, I really believe that my good friend Mr. Ric Flair has outdone even me with the following quote he made during the taping of his ESPN 30 for 30 shoot interview.

I was only able to catch the last 10 minutes of the entire interview but have read over and over again about this now infamous statement by Flair, “That in my entire wrestling career I have gone to bed with 10,000 women and have masturbated 2 times each day.” WOW, folks that is quite the accomplishment which got responses from porn stars ( yes I used the word “stars ” ) and Mick Foley who who said ” wow, Ric was really very impressive. ” Then today I read that Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, said while going into LAX to catch a flight, “Ric Flair is totally full of sh*t for saying he banged 10,000 women.”
And the beat goes on.

Superstar Billy Graham….

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