Impact Audience in Ottawa were paid $50 a night to attend tapings

Nov 11, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

The fans you will see at the Impact tapings over the course of the next few weeks were not all paying fans, actually, they were paid to be there in attendance. W-O received a casting call advert that the company Smyth Casting put out looking for individuals to attend the week-long tapings at the Aberdeen Pavilion, noting that you had to be an Ottawa local and not part of a union. The pay rate was $12.50 an hour for four hours of work every day which amounts to $50 per taping. The casting call advert called for all ages, any ethnicity, and to bring friends and family. “You may be given signs to hold, you are encouraged to look at wrestlers on the website and make your own signs. That would be very helpful and you will get more face time on TV,” the advert says.

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