Roman Reigns credits a former WWE superstar for The Shield’s success

Nov 6, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“A lot of it came from Joey (Mercury). Remember, he told us… I know y’all remember he told us. He told us, do you know what I mean, ‘You guys are going up together. I know (Ambrose) and (Rollins) worked together a lot. (Reigns) hasn’t really been around those two a whole lot, but y’all have to stick together. Y’all have to let the whole locker room, everybody needs to know that The Shield are like a legit unit, always together, walking the hallways, sit in catering together.’ And we did that. We rode together. (Ambrose) slept on the floor the majority of the time and I owe (him) one for that one. Do you know what I mean? We trained together. We did everything together. I think that until we were able to break the tripod and get our own two feet for each man down, we leaned on each other until now and everybody leans on us, so that’s what Vince (McMahon) and Hunter are looking for. (Rollins) remembers that talk. They want leaders.”

Source: WWE Network’s Table For 3

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