DiBiase talks about not winning the WWF World Championship at WrestleMania 4

Nov 4, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“There was a lot of talk of that happening at WrestleMania 4. Somehow I win the tournament, and then I have my run with [Hulk] Hogan, and, of course, in the WWF, as it was known then, if you’re a heel champion, you’re not going to be champion very long. You’re transitional. You’re either going to give it back to the guy who you took it from, or you’re going to be a transitional champion and you’re going to lose it to the next guy who will be a babyface champion. And there was talk of that, but Pat Patterson said to me one day, he said, ‘Ted, we’ve kicked this thing around and we thought about it, but in reality, because we’re pushing you so hard, you’re the top heel right now, that’s what the people are going to expect. What if we don’t give him that? Let’s say you don’t win the tournament and then in your arrogance, you create your own title and just declare yourself the Million Dollar Champion?’ As soon as he said it, I said, ‘Do that,’ I said, ‘because that will put more heat on me than anything else we can do.’ And, again, that’s me the businessman going, ‘What’s best for business?’ and ‘what’s going to be the bottom line?’ And that’s what I tell people all the time, ‘it would have been nice to be the world champion,’ I said, ‘Yeah, but in this business, the bottom line is titles are props and it’s a business, so what was best for business and what was best for me at the time was to go that other way.'”

Source: The Ross Report

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