Canadian promoter says Jeff Jarrett passed out and wrestled drunk this past weekend

Oct 24, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Real Canadian Wrestling promoter Steven Ewaschuk told that Jeff Jarrett passed out from drinking in a locker room at their show this past Friday and then wanted to wrestle regardless of his condition.

Jarrett was supposed to wrestle the next day as well but fled the country after he told the promoter that he had issues at the border and was only allowed in by border patrol on the condition that he would “be back at the airport by 6am the next morning to handle everything.”

The promoter said that Jarrett showed up looking intoxicated and late for the show and then passed out. When intermission came, he was woken up to fulfill his photos obligations and then had a match to wrestle.

As Jarrett’s music played on for a while, JJ did not come out, and his opponent who was already in the ring got on the mic and told the fans that “Jeff was upstairs getting drunk.”

Eventually, the former TNA champion came out and wrestled. The footage provided by RCW shows Jarrett not in the best condition and certainly looking under the effect of something.

Jeff Jarrett told that he did not pass out in the locker room and called promoter Steven Ewaschuk an amateur.

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