Jeff Jarrett fired from Impact, Anthem disassociates itself from GFW

Oct 23, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Wrestling just got officially terminated by Anthem Sports and Entertainment.

“Impact Wrestling announced today that it has terminated its business relationship with Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment Inc., effective immediately,” a tweet said.

Jeff Jarrett took an indefinite leave of absence from his position as Chief Creative Officer on September 6. The reason given was that he would be tackling some personal matters however he would still be available as a consultant to Anthem as needed.

The company had been noticing behavioral issues over several weeks and that led Ed Nordholm to send Jarrett home.

Meanwhile, as promotion for Bound For Glory kicked off, the GFW name was evidently missing from promotional material and replaced just by Impact. In late June, Anthem announced that TNA would be rebranded as Global Force Wrestling after Jeff Jarrett agreed to sell the company. However, that deal was not finalized and things fell apart when Jeff Jarrett was sent home.

The company has ordered new title belts to replace the ones that they commissioned in late August bearing the GFW initials and logo.

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