Review of Chris Jericho’s Motivational Book

Oct 22, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“This book has helped change my outlook on my direction in life.”

In the tradition of Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, the late Zig Ziglar & other great speakers, WWE & heavy metal superstar CHRIS JERICHO enters the fray with a fascinating read called NO IS A FOUR LETTER WORD: HOW I FAILED SPELLING BUT SUCEEDED IN LIFE ($26, 217pp, Hachette) with a foreword from rock music legend Paul Stanley.

Mr. Jericho has been successful in the wrestling business traveling around the world several times over. In the middle of his career he formed the band FOZZY plus his vastly popular TALK IS JERICHO podcast. He decided to share the secrets to his success and I can say reading it has changed my outlook on life. He shares 20 lessons or principles with the reader, here are the titles of the 20 chapters for you to consider:

The Mike Damone Principle, the Jericho Principle, the Keith Richards Principle, the Vince McMahon Principle, the Richard Hayden Principle, the Negro Casas Principle (AKA The Bad Cow Incident), the Yoda Principle, the Paul Stanley Principle, the Viv Savage Principle, the Twelfth Ninja Principle, the Groundlings Principle, the Brian Pillman Principle, the America’s Funniest Home Videos Principle, the Mike Lozanski Principle, the Ted Irvine Principle. The Shep Gordon Principle, the Ronnie James Dio Principle (AKA the Ellsworth Edict), the Gene Simmons Principle, the Steve Austin Principle & the Bowie Principle.

Each chapter has a subheading to outline the overall message. For example the Damone (a character from the 1980’s movie classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High) sub heading is “Wherever You Are, That Is the Place To Be.” Through the 20 principles Jericho wrestling/music fans will get background on his multiple WWE stints, how he was the host of AMV & his friendships with rock idols like the late Lemmy & the aforementioned Stanley.

I wasn’t kidding; this book has helped change my outlook on my direction in life. Because of it I am now heading into a new and exciting employment opportunity. I hope this book helps you through whatever life rut you are stuck in like it did mine.

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