Neville considered 100% gone from WWE

Oct 19, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Dave Meltzer reports that Neville is “100% gone” and that right now it’s just a matter of working out a release for Neville. And to no surprise, Vince McMahon was furious of Neville’s walk out.

Regarding why Neville was unhappy. The issue reportedly stems back to his match which Austin Aries from Wrestlemania 33, which was a pre show match, not being included on the Wrestlemania 33 DVD. Why is that an issue? The WM DVD is usually WWEs highest selling dvd and for each one that sells, that is money in the wrestlers pockets if their match is on the show. Neville received no money from the dvd sales due to his match being cut. This was also part of the reason Austin Aries left.

Sports Illustrated also mentioned that Neville was unhappy with the direction of his character, lack of pay offs and the WWE style of being on the road and that he has been frustrated since January. Neville has also noticed that Aries has made more in 6 weeks in the indies than what Neville would make in 6 weeks in WWE. Neville was also said to feel like he was just used as enhancement talent.

SI also claims that Neville is looking into joining either Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling. At this point, WWE could either force Neville to wait out his contract or grant him a release.

sources: We Love Pro Wrestling, Wrestling Observer

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