10/18/17 WWE NXT Recap: Ember/Ruby/Sonya Triple Threat; Black, Ohno in Action; Undisputed Era vs. SAnitY Main Event

Oct 18, 2017 - by Michael Riba

NXT opens with a preview for tonight’s main event: a Six-Man Tag Team Match pitting The Undisputed Era against SAnitY. We then see the opening video and then head into the arena where Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to the show.

Match #1: Triple Threat Qualifying Match to Earn Entry into the Fatal Four-Way Match for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship at NXT TakeOver: Houston – Sonya Deville vs. Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot
Deville kicks Riot in the midsection and Moon goes for a quick roll-up, but Riot breaks it up. Moon gets sent to the outside and Deville drops Riot with a clothesline. Deville goes for the cover, but Riot quickly kicks out. Riot comes back with a few roundhouse kicks and a dropkick. Riot goes for the cover, but Deville kicks out at two. Moon gets back into the ring and Deville gets sent to the floor. Moon and Riot fight each other off and stand at a stalemate. They both then keep Deville on the outside and then Riot delivers a forearm shot. Riot runs the ropes, but Moon takes her down with a springboard cross-body. Moon goes for the cover, but Riot kicks out at two. Riot comes back with a roll-up, but Deville breaks it up and sends Riot to the floor. Riot then sends Moon to the floor and stands tall in the ring as we head to a break.
Back from the break, Deville suplexes Moon down to the mat a few times. Deville then takes Rit down with a gut-wrench suplex. Riot comes back and slams Deville into the turnbuckle and then sends Moon into Deville. Riot kicks Deville in the face and Moon tosses Riot to the floor. Moon goes for the cover, but Deville kicks out at two. Moon goes for a springboard cross-body, but Deville counters with a spear. Deville goes for the cover, but Riot breaks it up at two. Moon goes to the floor as Deville and Riot exchange forearms in the ring. Deville comes back with knee strikes and right hands to the midsection. Deville runs the ropes, but Riot sends her to the floor. Riot goes for the suicide dive, but Deville counters with a forearm shot. Moon gets to her feet, but Deville slams her into the apron. Deville goes for a knee strike from the apron, but Moon counters with a dropkick and both women are down on the outside as Riot is down in the ring.
Riot gets to her feet and takes out both women on the floor. Riot tosses Moon back into the ring and kicks her in the head. Deville gets back into the ring and locks in the ankle lock on Riot. Deville drops down into a vice grip ankle lock, but Moon gets back into the ring and hits the Eclipse on Deville and then pins Riot for the win.
Winner: Ember Moon.

Watson reminds us of tonight’s main event between The Undisputed Era and SAnitY. We then see security footage of The Undisputed Era greeting Roderick Strong outside of the WWE Performance Center earlier in the week.

We see that the NXT Champion Drew McIntyre will have an exclusive interview later tonight and that Aleister Black will be in action after the break.

We go backstage with Kristy St. Cloud and William Regal. Regal informs us that on next week’s show…but he is interrupted by the Iconic Duo, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. Kay says she knows Regal was about to insert her into the match, but Regal says there will be a Battle Royal on next week’s show and the winner will be the fourth participant in the Fatal Four-Way at NXT TakeOver: Houston.

Match #2: Raul Mendoza vs. Aleister Black
The Velveteen Dream gets onto the ring apron and puts on Black’s vest. Black stares down Dream and Mendoza attacks him from behind. Black comes back, but Mendoza sends him to the floor with a knee strike. Mendoza takes Black down with a corkscrew plancha over the top tope. Mendoza tosses Black backs into the ring and delivers a springboard senton and goes for the cover, but Black kicks out at two. Dream looks on from the entrance ramp and Black counters a kick from Mendoza with a series of kicks of his own. Black drops Mendoza with a knee strike and then delivers a series of body strikes. Black takes Mendoza down with a springboard moonsault and then delivers Black Mass for the pin fall.
Winner: Aleister Black.
After the match, Black sits down in the ring and refuses to acknowledge Dream, who backs up the ramp and takes Black’s vest with him. Dream disappears from view and Black finally turns to look toward the entrance ramp.

Watson reminds us one more of tonight’s main event: SAnitY vs. The Undisputed Era. McGuinness informs us that Kassius Ohno will be in action later tonight, but up next is Drew McIntyre’s exclusive interview.

We’re back and we join Drew McIntyre, who is backstage with Kristy St. Cloud. He says it is a surreal feeling to be the NXT Champion. He says he set a goal a few years ago to become the NXT Champion and sacrificed a lot of things to make his goal happen. He says his original time in WWE didn’t pan out the way he wanted and that was a hard pill to swallow. He says somewhere along the line, he lost who he was. He says the fire came back when his wife looked him in the eyes and said they will be okay. McIntyre says his goal now is to inspire people around the world, but Zelina Vega walks in and says she will be taking over the interview. She says he and Andrade “Cien” Almas have a lot in common. She says they both needed second chances and she is Almas’ second chance. She says there is no bigger threat to McIntyre than Almas and she wonders why he has been avoiding Almas. McIntyre says he will fight anyone, anywhere, at anytime and he tells Vega to go to William Regal to set up the match. Vega says if McIntyre wants the match, he will go to Regal and set it up. McIntyre says if Almas wants the match, he can come with Vega next time and tell McIntyre to his face that he wants the match. Vega gets up and walks away.

Match #3: Kassius Ohno vs. Cezar Bononi
Bononi catches Ohno with a kick to the midsection and a few right hands. Ohno fights back, but Bononi drops Ohno with a dropkick. Bononi goes for the cover, but Ohno kicks out at two. Bononi delivers a few knee strikes and goes for another cover, but Ohno kicks out again. Bononi grabs Ohno and dropkicks him to the floor. Bononi tosses Ohno back into the ring and goes for the cover, but Ohno kicks out at two. Bononi delivers a suplex and goes for another cover, but Ohno kicks out again. Bononi sends Ohno to the ropes, but Ohno holds on and then delivers a senton splash. Ohno charges at Bononi in the corner, but Bononi counters with a boot to the face. Bononi charges this time, but Ohno lifts him to the apron and drops him with a boot to the face. Ohno delivers the wrecking ball dropkick and then drops Bononi with another kick to the face. Ohno delivers the rolling elbow and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Kassius Ohno.

We see that the Six-Man Tag main event will take place after the break.

We see that Johnny Gargano will go one-on-one with Fibian Aichner in two weeks time. We then see that a 16-Woman Battle Royal will take place on next week’s show.

Match #4: Six-Man Tag Team Match – The Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly) vs. SAnitY (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain) (w/Nikki Cross)
Wolfe and Fish start the match with a lock up. Wolfe tosses Fish into the corner and charges, but Fish dodges and connects with strikes and kicks to Wolfe. Wolfe comes back with a forearm smash, but Fish pulls Wolfe down onto the top turnbuckle. O’Reilly tags in, but Wolfe takes him down with a power slam and tags in Young. Young drops an elbow to O’Reilly and then slams him into the corner and Dain tags in. Dain smashes O’Reilly in the corner and Wolfe tags in and delivers an uppercut. Young tags in and connects with a forearm from the top. Young goes for the cover, but O’Reilly kicks out. Fish tries to get involved, but Young takes him down as well. Fish and O’Reilly come back and double team Young down to the mat and Fish delivers right hands to Young. Fish goes for the cover, but Young kicks out at two. Young comes back and shoves Fish away and grabs Cole, but Fish delivers a roundhouse kick to Young that sends him to the floor as we head to a break.
Back from the break, Cole and Young are the legal men in the ring. Cole beats down Young and then takes him to the corner and tags in O;Reilly. O’Reilly delivers a few strikes and tags in Fish. Fish and O’Reilly slam Young to the mat and Fish goes for the cover, but Young kicks out at two. Fish takes Young to the corner and tags in Cole. Cole kicks Young in the midsection and then clubs him down to the mat. Cole slams Young into the corner and tags in Fish. Fish drives his knee into Young in the corner and tags in O’Reilly. Fish and O’Reilly double suplex Young and O’Reilly goes for the cover, but Young kicks out at two. O’Reilly stomps away on Young and then sends him into the corner. O’Reilly kicks Wolfe down to the floor and charges at Young, but Young moves out of the way and O’Reilly hits the turnbuckle.
O’Reilly tags in Fish, who stops Young from tagging in Dain. Young gets away and tags in Dain anyway, who drops Fish an O’Reilly with clotheslines. Dain buries Fish and O’Reilly in the corner and then drops both men with a fireman’s carry toss as Cole looks on from the floor. Dain lift Fish up and slams him down and delivers a senton splash. Dain connects with the Vader Bomb and goes for the cover, but Cole breaks it up. Young chases Cole out of the ring and then he and Wolfe deliver a jumping neck-breaker to O’Reilly. SAnitY stare down Cole on the outside and Cole tries to leave, but they cut him off. Dain grabs Cole and drags him into the ring. They triple team Cole, but The Authors of Pain’s music hits and Akam and Rezar come to ringside. AOP destroy SAnitY as the referee calls for the bell.
Match Result: No Contest.
AOP continue to beat down SAnitY as The Undisputed Era back up the ramp and look on. AOP toss Dain to the outside and then hit the Super Cllider on Young and Wolfe. Paul Ellering hands the NXT Tag Team Championship belts to AOP and they hold them in the air as NXT comes to a close.

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