Al Snow comments on The Shield’s Reunion

Oct 12, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

“The Shield reuniting is interesting, because there has to be a purpose to it. And The Shield reunion is being done for two obvious reasons. Reigns is finally starting, and that’s the key, to get over. Remember, the term ‘get over’ means the audience wants to live vicariously through a babyface, and that is absolutely essential. If it isn’t done, he’ll never garner heat, which is also misunderstood. ‘Heat’ is not a heel’s offense; it is a want, a need, a desire to build within the audience that builds to frustration, and even anger, but also with that belief that somewhere and somehow that the babyface, who they live vicariously through, will give them justice against the heel. The most likely case, which was two likely propositions, to reunite The Shield is one, even in a somewhat rushed manner, is to put Rollins and Ambrose with Reigns to give them the rub. I don’t think that is the case. Rollins and Ambrose are over in their own way.”


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