Robbie E joins Trainer Joe’s

Oct 10, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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Robbie (E) Strauss JOINS Trainer Joe’s [ Muscle and Fitness Personality, Former Impact Wrestling Superstar, Amazing Race Finalist ]

Warren, NJ, October 9, 2017 ( – ​Muscle and Fitness Personality, Former Impact Wrestling Superstar, Amazing Race Finalist joins Trainer Joe’s as an exclusive Master Trainer. There has been much speculation as to where Robbie E was headed next. He has decided to take the road of helping others achieve an ideal body and mind via Trainer Joe’s innovative Live Master Training Services, which combines mindset coaching along with health and fitness training.

This service is designed to connect with people heart to heart and create a better human from the inside out. Robbie (E) Strauss and Trainer Joe’s is a life changing combination like no other.

● After a well publicized exit from IMPACT Wrestling, Robbie is inspired to take a path of helping others.

● Motivated by being a Dad, Robbie is determined to connect with others and ultimately create a better world.

● An ambassador to Success, Robbie has succeeded on all levels which make him a great mentor.

If you have any questions about this release please feel free to contact us at the information provided. It is our hope that his many fans have an opportunity to work with him and his life changing services. For more information about Robbie E Strauss’ training services go to

About Trainer Joe’s and Trainer Joe

Trainer Joe is a legendary trainer who has trainer the best of the best from stage, screen, and sports. His innovative style combines all known fitness modalities and applies them exactly when they are needed. More importantly, he helps you break through all mental boundaries that you have set for yourself, which is the spirit that embodies Tainer Joe’s Warren and Trainer Joe’s Online.

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