Charlotte recounts story of how her dad couldn’t remember her while in ICU

Oct 5, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Charlotte Flair appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast this week to promote her new book and talk a bit about her father.

An interesting part of the show came when Charlotte was discussing how Ric did not remember her at one point while he was in intensive care.

Charlotte recounted how after it was safe to be taken off all the machines, doctors helped her father to walk around. When she was there, Flair had no idea who his daughter was but he was going over the town names of the shows he did back in the 80s.

“I was like, that’s great he can quote me the numbers from a show in Chicago in the 80s but he doesn’t know who I am?” Charlotte said.

Charlotte also added that at one point while he was pushing the walker, her father stopped and started strutting in intensive care…but still couldn’t recall who Charlotte was!

“I was just like this isn’t real,” she said.

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