Corey Graves thinks he failed as a father .. Enzo thinks he failed as a wrestler

Oct 1, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Corey Graves usually likes to bust Enzo Amore’s chops on television. If that is because of something more deep that runs backstage between the two is unknown, but the two had a hilarious exchange on Twitter which was actually started by Graves. Yesterday, Graves wrote that he saw his son running to second base and danced like Enzo Amore to celebrate. “I have failed as a father,” Graves wrote. Not one to stand down from any digs, the current WWE Cruiserweight champion had the perfect response to his former NXT competitor. “Nah u didn’t fail as a father,” Enzo wrote. “U failed as a wrestler, thats why they dressed ya up in a suite N tie & told ya 2 sit down.” Ouch! How you doing indeed!

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