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Sep 27, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

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Would You Take a Knee For CTE


Vito J. Lo Grasso

Today I write with an open forum. A subject that is Taboo in the Wrestling Industry. With all the politics that go on in sports. Athletes that have the platform to speak for themselves, there teams, there peers. I speak for mine.

There can be some thing said for being a leader. He is the guy that takes the hit, because no one wants to be that guy. Your a man of Integrity. Your a man who has no fear. This isn’t about a wrestling show, it is about Real life

and what happens to you, your health, your body, your future. A lot of news this week on the Presidents tweets and Football Players taking a knee during the National Anthem. Athletes taking a stand to show unity. But it has become

a unsolved puzzle in the world. So many different views and so many different points to be made. Everyone wants to heard and everyone wants to be right. A show of respect for the Flag, our Country our Rights. Athletes can do this

with the comfort of Job Security, a Union, people who will fight for your job. In Wrestling, we have no Job Security, no Health Benefits, no 401k, no Retirement Plan. It makes it hard to speak up for your self. If you do and

work for a major company, you run the risk of being fired, your push being un pushed, getting exiled off TV, or just being blackballed by an Industry. The subject of CTE and all that goes with it from the research and the

dramatic effect it has on your life comes into play. If you work for a Major Company, would you speak out and take a knee before your match to protest your rights for a better Work Environment, Health Benefits, A Union, or better

yet CTE in Wrestling. If there was a National Anthem before a wrestling show, would you take a knee for this or the things that you believe in ? If you worked for a major company and before the show went on, go to the entrance

way and take a knee for these things you believe in ? Would you stand tall for your beliefs ? Would you be that Superstar who takes the lead like Lebron ? Could your views be taken in a way that delivers that clear cut message

to the fans, the media, the world, but most of all, the company for which you work for ? The answer in wrestling is NO. You have no voice. You have no job security. You have no say because we don’t have things in place to speak

up for ourselves. It is a controlled environment. They only want YES men and women. The only way to be heard is if your not under a banner and your not under control by anyone. Will there ever be a Major Superstar to take the lead ?

CTE in wrestling is real. It is a serious disease. It affects lives. There is litigation going on today with many facts. Facts is what makes it real. If your a wrestler today, do you take all the proper care and precaution to

ensure you will be protected and there is a medical team ready to assist you if something goes wrong ? Do companies tell you the risks ? Do they inform you of the programs in place in case your hit with a serious concussion ?

Who will take care of your medical bills ? Who will care for your family ? Will they supplement your income if you cannot wrestle for months ? Does this affect you and your family ? Yes it does. When you stand up for your self

people look down on you. In wrestling, they don’t like when you speak your mind. They don’t want to hear your gripes only the word YES. People in the industry who believe in what I stand for will stand quiet. Because they fear the

the backlash. There are a hand full who have joined me in this fight. People who believe in this but stay quiet are hoping for that one last PAYDAY. That Last Run. That MAJOR COMPANY WILL CALL ME. Guys, they are not calling you.

You think by staying loyal and being a YES man will get you somewhere. No wrong in this. Its your belief. For those who get no royalty checks and your on TV somewhere, but still think your in there plans, you haven’t gotten the hint yet.

On Monday Night Nitro, a wrestler named Kevin Nash took a stand on a grand stage for all the boys. His voice was heard. He helped the boys make more money, spoke up for there rights. I learned something form him. Speak your mind.

I remember it like it was yesterday. He took that KNEE. I am no Kevin Nash by any means. But I am Vito J. Lo Grasso and I am taking that KNEE. I know my voice has been heard. I know there are people in this industry that don’t like

me and that’s OK. They are people who still talk about me from years ago. That’s OK too. There are those who think they know the man I am today, How would you know if we haven’t spoken in 15 years or more ? If you had beef with me

why didn’t you kick my ass back then ? I was fair game. Were you scared ? I would have been. When you speak of me on podcasts today, you speak and mention my name, the boys hated him, no one liked him, he did this, he did that,

NOTICE, I am glad I made an impact in your life and you still talk about me. I am RELEVANT. It gives you something to talk about. I am a man who always stood his ground and never backed down. I was never a YES man. Just a

Hard Working Man. In closing. I Vito J. Lo Grasso am TAKING THAT KNEE FOR CTE. I take this stand because I am the leader. I am the lead case in litigation today. You can read the updates and keep informed here at The author is Konstantine Kyros. Thank you for reading. Have a great day. If you ever believe in something and know in your heart it is right, TAKE THAT KNEE, you mite just help.

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