Ric Flair and Wendy Barlow’s full 11-minute feature now on PeopleTV

Sep 21, 2017 - by Colin Vassallo

Barlow explained how Flair told her that he was having stomach aces, he wasn’t feeling good, and needed to go to the hospital. “It’s the day that saved his life because he was slowly dying,” Barlow said.

His fiancee continued to explain Ric’s alcoholic problem, where she spent a whole year trying to convince him to stop drinking, to no avail. Health problems started cropping up and doctors told Flair that he has heart problems. Unfortunately for him, he was in complete in denial.

It was certainly tough on the family especially when doctors informed them that Flair had 20% chance of making it and his daughter Charlotte was encouraged to go in to see him because her dad was not going out of that room alive.

While Flair weathered the first storm, he still has a long way to go as he needs a wheelchair to move around and cannot walk by himself. He needs assistance to do basic things and will be in for a long journey of physical therapy.

Wendy credited three people who helped her through the horrible experience: her oldest daughter Sophia, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Hulk Hogan.

Austin used to call every single day during the middle of filming and Wendy cried over the phone every day. And Hulk also called every day and then flew in to check out on Ric and pray with him. Hulk also left a note to Ric which read, “To Ric, the number of your days shall be filled. Now it’s the time to tell your story, now it’s the time to help millions of people. You are the greatest wrestler I have ever seen and have the honor to call a real friend. Love you my brother, you are The Man.”

You can see the whole feature at PeopleTV.

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