JTG’s backstage rib story

Sep 20, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Photo credit: World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.

In his book “Damn! WHY DID I WRITE THIS BOOK TOO?”, former WWE tag team champion JTG (Cryme Tyme) told the story of a prank backfiring on him backstage.

JTG claims that he was in a bathroom stall in flip flops when a flaming roll of toilet paper came over the stall and landed near his bare feet. He jumped out of the stall and saw Kenny Dykstra and Armando Estrada hanging outside the restroom laughing hysterically. After the incident, Estrada told JTG that it was Dykstra who had thrown the flaming toilet paper roll and that he would help him get his revenge.

Later, Estrada told JTG that Dykstra was in the restroom and he could get his revenge. JTG got his toilet paper, lit a match book and threw the paper over the stall. When he heard a voice scream “WHAT THE F–K” from over the stall and it wasn’t Dykstra, he began shitting bricks. Inside the stall was none other than Randy Orton.

JTG described Orton was “one of the top 5 people you don’t want to f–k with”. Luckily for him Orton laughed it off and understood a good rib. JTG later went on to describe Estrada’s love for pranking him backstage.

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