Video: Sean Waltman talks Bobby Heenan

Sep 19, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Sean ‘X-Pac Waltman’ guested on “The Tomorrow Show with Keven Undergaro” and discussed the passing of Bobby Heenan, his decision to continue wrestling, and more!

Why Bobby Heenan is the GOAT of wrestling managers

When asked if Bobby Heenan was the greatest manager of all time Sean said, “That’s the consensus, pretty much…he was just, he could wrestle earlier in his days and he continued to up until the mid 80s having really entertaining matches. Obviously excellent talker, just the timing, comedic timing…and the way he interacted with the people he managed, it was amazing… The AWA World Champion, his name was Nick Bobwinkel…he was a super intelligent interviewer…Nick, you know, he was very intelligent…they just played well off each other. Everyone says he’s the greatest and I agree with everyone…he never tried to be the cool like, at no point did he try to get cheered, you know what I mean? Like there’s a lot of heels now a days that secretly want to get cheered Kev, he never did.”

Worry not my friends! X-Pac is gonna keep wrestling for a while!

“I decided I was gonna keep doing it for a while…why not? I’m pretty good at it still…it makes me feel good.”

X-Pac thinks his best chemistry would be with some of the bigger talent, but it would take a lot out of him

“It would be one of those big guys, and it would take a lot out of me…there’s no getting around it with that, but that’s what I like to do…it’s not the falls, it’s the strikes. I’m not worried about getting thrown up in the air and landing, it’s the kicks to the head or the clotheslines. You’re running into those things pretty fast.”

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