Ryback comments on Kurt Angle’s role as general manager on Raw

Sep 14, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

(photo credit: WWE.com)

“Yeah, it’s the sh—iest job in the world. Sure he’s on TV, and eventually, it will lead to him wrestling, like, but it’s a miserable day at the office, sitting there, waiting for your lines and then, it’s just memorizing, that’s all that it is. And it’s just stuff you wouldn’t want to say and he has to do things he wouldn’t want to do and he can’t go out. He’s a warrior. He likes to compete and he can’t do that right now or they’re not letting him do that or whatever. But he makes the most out of every situation and I admire that. He’s such a strong on-screen personality and (when) used in a wrestling role, he did it so well everywhere he went, so it’s just a different role for him right now. And I think he will, eventually, it will all be worth it when he gets to wrestle again, so I think he makes the most of it.”

Source: Conversation With The Big Guy

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