Graham: “Let Funk be Funk”

Sep 13, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Billy Graham posted the following on his Facebook page:

Let Funk be Funk

As lots of you fans will remember that is what a very thoughtful
Facebook fan said about Flair not too many days ago. That was
a good line actually, so I thought it would work again for this post
on the return to the ring by my dear friend Terry Funk at age 73.
Now, don’t be offended by the photo below that I have chosen of
Terry for this post, as there are far worse photos that I could have picked.

I have read several stories about ” The Hardcore Legend ” Terry Funk desperately wanting to get back in the ring 1 more time with Jerry Lawler and Ric Flair. I am just wondering if my dear brother Terry has been keeping himself up to date on Flair’s health situation? Yesterday was 1 month exactly that Ric Has been in the hospital somewhere in Atlanta. Also, has Terry and Lawler forgotten that it was about 5 years ago or so that Jerry Lawler had an actual heart attack and could have died right before our very eyes?

I just read today that Funk is booked on Sept. 22nd in Raleigh N. C. and then the next night in Spartanburg S.C. evidently against Lawler at age 67. I mentioned this to my wife who just loves Terry to death and she said, “Let them get in the ring as bad as they look at such a ridiculous age and let them have a heart attack, if that’s the way they want to go out let them. Also, let the marks
have a good time watching them making fools out of themselves.”

So now, as always, I leave it up to my Facebook fans to give their thoughts on the subject of Terry Funk wrestling in public, in a real match at age 73.

Superstar Billy Graham

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