9/13/17 WWE NXT Recap: Johnny Gargano in Action; Pete Dunne vs. Wolfgang Main Event

Sep 13, 2017 - by Michael Riba

NXT opens with the usual opening video and then we go into the NXT Arena where Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson welcome us to the show. They inform us of tonight’s main event: Pete Dunne vs. Wolfgang for the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

Match #1: Billie Kay and Peyton Royce vs. Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross
Riot takes Kay down and delivers some right hands and Royce tries to interfere. Riot takes Royce down, but Kay drops Riot from behind. Royce tags in and slams Riot into the corner and tags Kay right back in. Nikki Cross appears at ringside as Kay beats down Riot in the corner. Royce tags in, but Riot fights back. Riot delivers a back elbow, but Royce comes back with a knee lift. Royce chokes Riot over the middle rope and tags Kay back in. They slam Riot down to the mat and Kay goes for the cover, but Riot kicks out at two. Royce tags back in and slams Riot into the corner and tags Kay right back in. Riot fights back and Kay and Royce hit each other in the corner. Kay goes for an elbow drop, but Riot moves out of the way. Cross gets on the ring apron and tags herself in. Cross drops Kay with a clothesline and knocks Royce to the floor.
Cross takes Royce down with a cross-body and then drops Kay with a swinging neck-breaker. Cross tags Riot back into the match and then leaves the ringside area. Riot delivers the diving senton on Kay and gets the pin fall.
Winners: Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross.

We take a look back at the confrontation between Johnny Gargano and Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli from last week, which ended with Gargano challenging one of them to take him on in the ring. We see that it will indeed be Gargano vs. Moss up next as we head to a break.

We go backstage and join No Way Jose. Jose says Lars Sullivan is an animal and that is probably a compliment to him. Jose says Sullivan attacked him out of nowhere a few weeks ago and then again last week. Jose says Sullivan has a screw loose and someone needs to teach him a lesson and he wants to be that guy. He challenges Sullivan to a match for next week.

Match #2: Johnny Gargano vs. Riddick Moss (w/Tino Sabbatelli)
They lock up and Moss takes Gargano down to the mat. Moss applies a wrist-lock, but Gargano turns it into a side headlock. Moss fights free and drops Gargano with a shoulder tackle. Moss power slams Gargano to the mat and then tosses him across the ring. Gargano gets free of a fireman’s carry and runs the ropes, but Moss takes him down with a clothesline. Moss delivers a few elbows to Gargano and sends him down to the mat as we head to a break.
We’re back and Moss has an abdominal stretch applied to Gargano. Gargano fights back, but Moss backs him into the corner and drives a shoulder into his midsection. Moss beats down Gargano in the corner a few times and then takes him down to the mat. Gargano comes back with a few left hands and then kicks him in the back of the head. Gargano sends Moss to the floor with a clothesline and takes Moss down with a baseball slide. Gargano drops Moss with a front-flip senton and then tosses him back into the ring. Sabbatelli gets involved and Moss takes control. Gargano counters and takes Moss down and locks in the Gargano Escape, but Moss makes it to the ropes. Gargano gets confused as to why he couldn’t make Moss tap out and Moss drops him with a clothesline. Moss then drops Gargano with a fall-away slam. Gargano gets to the apron and takes out Sabbatelli and then spears Moss through the ropes and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Johnny Gargano.

We are reminded once more of tonight’s main event: Pete Dunne vs. Wolfgang for the WWE United Kingdom Championship.

We see a video hype package for The Street Profits. They will be in action up next.

Match #3: The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford) vs. The Ealy Brothers (Gabriel and Uriel)
Dawkins and Uriel start the match with a lock up. Uriel backs Dawkins into the corner and then they tie up again. Uriel steals Dawkins’ head band, but Dawkins comes back with a right hand. Dawkins gets his head band back and tags in Ford. Gabriel tags in and Uriel gets sent to the floor. Ford and Dawkins double-team Gabriel against the ropes, but Uriel gets back into the ring and drops Ford with a clothesline. The Ealys double-team Ford in the corner and Uriel sends him to the other corner. Uriel goes for a splash, but Ford moves and tags in Dawkins as Gabriel tags in as well. Dawkins drops Gabriel with a dropkick and then Uriel with a clothesline. Dawkins slams Gabriel down to the mat and tags in Ford, who gets the pin fall.
Winners: The Street Profits.

We take a look at a special video package for the former NXT Women’s Champion, Asuka. We see William Regal in his office and he says he will let us know in a few weeks how a new NXT Women’s Champion will be crowned.

We take a look back a two weeks ago when Pete Dunne and Wolfgang were victorious over Moustache Mountain. The main event between Dunne and Wolfgang is up next.

Back from the break, we see that Aleister Black will speak to the NXT Universe for the first time ever next week.

We see Wolfgang backstage. He says he has never been more ready for a match in his life. He says he pinned Tyler Bate two weeks ago and he will walk away with the UK title tonight.

We then see Pete Dunne. He puts the title belt in his mouth and walks away without saying a word.

Match #4: WWE United Kingdom Championship Match – Pete Dunne (c) vs. Wolfgang
Dunne applies a wrist-lock and then works over Wolfgang’s shoulder down on the mat. Dunne works some joint manipulation on Wolfgang and gets a two count on a quick pin attempt. Wolfgang gets to his feet and applies a waist-lock, and then turns it into a side headlock. Dunne gets to the ropes and then decks Wolfgang with a right hand. Dunne drops Wolfgang, but Wolfgang comes right back with a waist-lock take down. Wolfgang splashes Dunne in the corner, but Dunne comes back and works over Wolfgang’s hand in the ropes. Dunne drops Wolfgang with a DDT on the ring apron as we head to a break.
We’re back and Wolfgang takes control of the match in the ring, but Dunne comes back with an enzuiguri in the corner. Dunne runs the ropes, but Wolfgang drops him with a shoulder tackle and Dunne rolls to the floor. Wolfgang comes over the top rope and takes Dunne out on the floor. Wolfgang tosses Dunne back into the ring and connects with a moonsault from the top rope. Wolfgang goes for the cover, but Dunne kicks out at two. Wolfgang goes for a suplex, but Dunne counters and delivers one of his own. Wolfgang comes back and delivers a suplex of his own from the middle rope. Wolfgang goes up top and goes for The Howling, but Dunne counters with the knees. Dunne goes the cross arm-breaker, but Wolfgang gets to his feet. They exchange kicks and then Wolfgang drops Dunne with a power slam. Wolfgang goes for the cover, but Dunne kicks out at two. Dunne comes back and lays Wolfgang out with the Bitter End and gets the pin fall.
Winner and still WWE United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne.
After the match, Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O’Reilly rush the ring and surround Pete Dunne. Dunne attacks first, but they triple-team him. Wolfgang gets back into the ring to help Dunne, but Dunne leaves him high and dry and leaves the ring. Dunne rushes the ring, but only to grab the UK title. Cole delivers a shining wizard to Wolfgang. Cole, O’Reilly, and Fish stand tall over Wolfgang and then leave through the crowd. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate rush the ring to check on Wolfgang and stare down Cole, Fish, and O’Reilly as NXT comes to a close.

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